It is that time of year again: when we entertain, host out of town guests or welcome home our own family members. Get your hallways ready with family photos that create the ultimate show 'n tell moment. In my own tight upstairs hallway, I created an instant gallery wall with a collection of family photos meant to be seen together. I simply started hanging them where I liked them and where they fit best. Odd numbers create visual interest and having a cohesive element really makes them pop. In this case, all of the photos are black and white and the frames are barn wood in different but cohesive colors.

Singly, these photographs are lovely, but together they create a symphony and tell a family story. Gather your photos and get them framed. Make hanging them a fun project. Then enjoy the wonderful conversations you will undoubtedly have as a result. Every time you pass them, you will be rewarded with special memories, a feeling of nostalgia and a smile on your face.