How much time do you spend in your laundry room? Enough time so that you should enjoy being there, right? In my own laundry area, I opted for a deep navy paint with crisp white trim to give the small space depth and interest. As my laundry is the first room I see upon entering the house through my garage, it was important to make it stand out. Fortunately, I have a narrow window which adds some natural light. As you can see from the photo, I hung a vintage round mirror over the utility sink to reflect that light and a vintage painting crowned by a lacquered carved wood pediment. It doesn't hurt that my washer and dryer are red as well. Every time I come in and even while I am doing laundry there, the light and art lift my spirits. 

Go ahead and try it. Put some art in your laundry and see how great it makes you feel!